About Us

ATION is a student-run digital agency that emphasizes collaboration, creativity, strategy, and most importantly, fun. ATION is a real-world agency in which student teams create digital marketing strategies and multimedia assets for small businesses and nonprofit clients. Our members have a variety of skills that are sure to meet your needs. Here at ATION, it’s all about making connections – bouncing ideas off each other and springing into action.


ATION is the team from a senior capstone course, DMD 4040 Agency, in the UConn Digital Media & Design program. Talented students from our wide variety of concentrations (3D Animation, Motion Design and Animation, Film / Video Production, Web and Interactive Media Design, Game Design, Digital Culture, Learning & Advocacy, and Digital Media Business Strategies) partner with local businesses, organizations, start ups, and university departments to solve communication, marketing, or other needs by creating dynamic digital contents.



UConn’s Digital Media & Design program provides an innovative and transformative experience that employs the use of industry-leading concepts and technologies to educate students, creating future leaders in design, communications, business, entertainment, and other related industries. Students can study animation, gaming, web design & development, digital media strategies for business, film / video production, and the digital humanities. Learn more about UConn DMD.